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So happy to have you come. Thank you for coming to Penpals Around The World. I am Missteecat, AKA as Cathryn Hughes. I have created this site for your enjoyment and to find nice new people to get to know as friends or whatever God leads you. :)

Valentines I created for you to share.

Free to download and Send to your friends!

Welcome to 'Pen Pals Around The World!' This is a new site and I am seeking many pen pals who are interested in meeting people. This is a Christian website:) 

I have some rules below on how to get started.

I hope you enjoy the penpals, from all around the world. To get to know each other, to find good friends, and who knows, you might find the one you have been looking for :)

PLEASE FILL OUT FORM ON PAGE ONE OF THIS SITE. I need the following information in that form




*YOUR SITE LINK (if you wish or have one)



*PROFILE 200 words or less, share hobbies or about yourself briefly.

One you fill out the form I will receive your mail and then respond immediately to let you know I received your mail and to give you information about how to send your photo to me.

Some Information You Need To know:

For Photos: *No Nudity or showing body parts! The picture you send of yourself MUST be decent  and respectful, or your entry will be rejected. We keep this site Family Safe. Send only a GIF or JPG of your photo--on your email attachment. (NOT on Microsoft Word photos, or links to your photos allowed) I won't be able use your photo this software. Thank you :)

*ABOUT YOUR WEBSITE IF YOU HAVE ONE: I will only put decent and good websites on your profile. No porno, bad site, or scam.  (all websites are checked for approval before I place your profile on this site. 

*All entries will be detemined for approval, and I will contact you by email once I receive your information. If all approves well, I will place your information on this site to be a pen pal and will notify each person to let them know if they are approved.

*You can NOT use this site, to try to get sponsors or funds, or advertising product, or scams.
It's for meeting people for friendship or fellowship only.

*All pen pals on this site need to report any frauds, scams or people who are not respecting them, or any harrassments. 
Any reports of those on this site exercising bad behavior to others will be removed.

*This website is not responsible for the pen pals submitted on this site, and cannot guarantee your safety or who you come in contact with. This site and site owner are not responsible for anything that happens outside this website--regarding meeting the pen pals you choose on this site. This will be your responsibility and your discretion to make. So, choose wisely. There is a risk in meeting people on the net, when you do not know in person face to face.

*I made it easy for you. You are free to write by your email to each other. I am just making it possible for you to be able to find one another. So, with that in mind, It is your own responsibility in whom you choose on this site as a friend or associate. I am not held responsible for any involvement you have.  Yet, at the same time, I like to be reported to, when someone is not acting right, or is a scam so they can be removed immediately for your own protection.

***Warning: Due to scammers*** be careful not to give your personal information out to anyone unless you know them personally first. We have lots of scams on the Internet who claim to be, whom they are not. So be cautious! And give no money to anyone.

Enjoy this site and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon so I can add you to this site. :)

God Bless and have a great day!

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